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Final design for Neo Blythe "Cassiopeia Spice"!


Cassiopeia Spice is very good at taking pictures of the night sky, and is planning to enter the photo of her favorite constellation, Cassiopeia, to the upcoming competition.
She is about to go photo shooting with a jumper skirt and vivid undershirt.
Her jumper is high-waisted, and there is a patchwork print on the skirt.
The two pockets, lace and pin tucks at the bottom add a delicacy to the jumper.
She wears dark brown leggings and red ballet shoes so she can walk around freely!
Her hair style is a dark blonde wavy hair with bangs.
She pins her hair with a red flower hair accessory.


Her makeup is a yellow green eye shadow with orange blush and lips.
Her face type is Radiance, and her skin type is Natural.

What kind of photos would she take with her favorite bright red camera?


[ Face Type ] Radiance
[ Skin Type ] Natural
[ Make-up ] Eye shadow- yellow green, Lips- orange, Blush- orange
[ Eye Color ] Stock
[ Hair Color ] Dark blonde
[ Nails ] No Enamel
[ Earrings ] 1 set
[ The set includes ] Doll, jumper skirt, leggings, shirt, hair accessory, camera, shoes, earrings, underwear, and stand.

Scheduled release date: January 29, 2010
Suggested retail price:12,390 yen

Neo Blythe "Cassiopeia Spice" will be available at CWC shop "Junie Moon," "LeLe Junie Moon" in Shinjuku Marui One, Official Blythe Mobile Site (Japan ONLY), Junie Moon International Online Shopping and official Blythe shops in Japan and Asia.

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Qué bonita que es, no te puedes ni imaginar las ganas que tengo de tener una Blythe, con trajecito hippy. Por ahora estoy contenta porque he encontrado una tienda donde me pueden traer Pullips por encargo, pero las blythe, mientras no tenga distribuidor europeo...Feliz año nuevo, Mandarina. Besos. Loli